My name is Sheri Saginor.
I provide speechwriting services for individuals
who want to sound their best and shine their brightest
in front of a live audience.

Smart Speeches  I  Boston, MA  I  (978) 478-8296

Smart Speeches

Inform. persuade. Inspire.

The Problem

You need a speech. Soon. But you don't have the time and/or desire to write it. You want someone to collaborate with you to make sure your speech is clear and memorable.

The Solution

Hire a speechwriter. Delegate the often stressful and time-consuming task to a specialist.  Whether you need a 2-minute wedding toast, a 30-minute keynote, or something in between, I craft compelling, impactful speeches for nearly any occasion.

The Benefits

You'll save time and energy. Your audience will be fully engaged as you speak. And you'll feel confident knowing that the speech you deliver is terrific. 

The Speeches

Conference Speeches -- Keynote Addresses -- Service Club Talks -- Banquet Speeches -- Motivational Talks --

Annual Meeting Addresses -- Commencement Speeches -- Fundraising Speeches -- TED-style Talks

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The Clients

Business Executives -- Nonprofit Directors -- Politicians -- Marketing Leaders -- Banquet Speakers -- Entertainers Athletes -- In fact, Anyone who needs a speech